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                 by Terry Maas and David Sipperly
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YMCA-approved instructors text: Freedive! chosen as the official YMCA instructor's manual for their course on snorkeling and skin diving.

                                                                                       The beautiful cover of our book Freedive!

Learn from experts
Recognized leaders in the sport of freediving, Terry Maas and David Sipperly combine their experience and research to present the most comprehensive book on the subject ever printed.

Basic freediving
You'll begin by exploring the historical roots of this fascinating sport. Chapters on physiology, gear, exercises and techniques provide a sound foundation for understanding man's return to the sea.

Advanced freediving
The second half of the book celebrates the varied freediving specialties. Nationally recognized experts in underwater hockey, monofin swimming, photography, game gathering and deep-record diving reveal their love for the sport as they explain the basics of their specialty.

Dazzling photography
Written in exquisite detail, and illustrated for a coffee-table presentation, this book belongs in the library of anyone interested in the aquatic environment.

The complete reference to breath-hold freediving:
Coffee-table (8 X 11) 152 pages, 150 color plates, glossary and index. ISBN 0-9644966-1-5


What the reviewers say about Freedive!

YMCA Scuba Program: Thomas E. Clark, "Tec"

"Due to the outstanding content of your book, I have chosen Freedive! to be the required text of the new YMCA Freediving Instructor course"....... "Your book is informative, knowledgeable, creative and above all captures the fantasy of the sport we love...freediving.

Dive International: Douglas David Seifert

".....the heart of the book, indeed the reason why the book is a must-buy, is the chapter on technique. The tricks and exercises explained within virtually guarantee increased performance and proficiency in freediving. It is almost impossible to read this chapter without bolting for the nearest swimming pool and applying theory to practice!......."

California Diving News:

"Dazzling photography—150 color plates—an extensive glossary, index and resource list make this the most comprehensive book on the subject ever written."

Deep Tech Journal, Bret Gilliam publisher and CEO of UWATEC USA INC.

"This book is the finest chronicle of a unique discipline in diving and should be a part of every serious diver’s library."

Florida Sports:

"Swim with wild dolphins, photograph the world’s grandest and most elusive sea animals and participate in the excitement of underwater hockey—all on a single breath of air. The sport of breath-hold freediving has regained popularity as a challenging alternative to those who enjoy diving, snorkeling, and open-water swimming. It’s an economical and exciting path to the underwater world."

Scuba World, England: Howard Jones

"I have waited for this book for a very long time. A book I now never put down, a book to help you get what you want from freediving: photography, competitions, and how people can dive on one breath. No matter what your level of experience, this book will become your constant companion and reference.

Terry and Dave are two of the most experienced and skillful freedivers in the world, and they share their secrets with us in a very clear and attractive manner. All of the photos in this book have been taken whilst freediving and they are remarkable.

This is the first and only book dedicated to the wonderful sport of freediving. The authors are very safety conscious and this is reflected in the book, which endorses particularly safe rules and practices. Practices we all should follow."

Western Diver

"This book shows how freedivers with training and experience may feel intense pleasure and freedom as they blend with the open water environment. There is a long period of time—a minute ro more for many—when trained freedivers have no urge to breathe and feel completely at ease and peaceful gliding through the water. Some call it blue opium........."

International Freediving and Spearfishing News: Adam Smith

"The photographs and illustrations are superb and I strongly commend this book to all snorkelers, spearfishers, underwater hockey players, swimmers, scuba divers and enthusiasts of our magnificent aquatic ecosystems. There are many photos of beautiful women in this book, and I hope that even more women will be encouraged to take a breath, and fly gracefully into the serene inner space of the aquatic world....Buy this book so that you too can seek a new skill or maximize your existing enjoyment of the wonderful activity of freediving."

Dive Log New Zealand:

"Terry Maas is well known among New Zealand spearos for his immensely popular book BlueWater Hunting and Freediving, recently released in an updated 1998 edition, and his video Blue Water Hunters. This book is the complete companion to freedivers, especially for those whose interests go beyond spearfishing to the many other breath-hold pursuits. It is fully illustrated with exercises to try and techniques for you to practice, as well as numerous beautiful photographs."

Divers Travel Network:

"For those interested in deep diving, the chapter on depth records provides insights into the mind set of the characters who indulge in this most dangerous form of the sport. The photography which graces the pages of this book is of the very highest caliber and fully deserves its own chapter—the only disappointment is that there could be even more!—and the overall package is excellently presented."

Copyright 1997 Terry Maas, BlueWater Freedivers