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                                  by Terry Maas
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The book cover for BlueWater Hunting and Freediving showing Terry Maas with his 398-pound blue fin tuna record.

Informative & Exciting and Revised!
Learn the secrets of spearfishing and underwater photography from some of the best freedivers around the world. National champion and world-record holder Terry Maas profiles twelve bluewater species from tuna to marlin, and sailfish to wahoo. Loaded with practical suggestions, this book is a must for anyone interested in freediving or spearfishing.

The authoritative source on the ocean sport practiced by thousands worldwide. Bluewater hunters, armed with a lung full of air and a camera or a rubber- powered spear, seek big game in the wildest environment remaining on earth the open ocean. These adventurous divers risk shark attack and drowning to explore an incredibly beautiful liquid-filled world ruled by the imperatives of hunting and survival.

The complete reference to bluewater spearfishing while freediving:

Coffeetable (8 1/2 x 11) 224 pages, 65 color plates, glossary and index.

ISBN 0-9644966-0-7

What readers say:


Los Angeles Times: Pete Thomas,

"Maas has drawn on his experiences, and those of others, to publish a book BlueWater Hunting and Freediving, that describes the beautiful but dangerous world in which he and his fellow divers hunt."

International Freediving and Spearfishing news: Barry Andrewartha Publisher,

"Given a resurgent popularity in freediving and spearfishing, BlueWater Hunting and Freediving by the master Terry Maas, is both timely and welcome. Full-color photos and profiles on sharks and twelve separate gamefish fire the imagination while invaluable information on physiology, equipment, survival and ethics serve to enlighten practiced divers as well as newcomers. Never before has the sport been addressed with such authority!"

Revista Nautica (Brazil): Luiz Antonio Pereira editor,

"I do not have adjectives to describe it: it is FANTASTIC! I have a well-supplied library about spearfishing and your book is by far the best I have ever seen."

The Diver’s and Watersportsman Library (England), David Way,

"The book is magnificent—what more can I say"

Underwater Society of America, President: Michael Gower,

"Recognized worldwide as a master of bluewater hunting, Terry Maas shares secrets learned by hundreds of divers over decades. Their personal experiences lead readers through exciting adventures in the open-water environment. This book will give novice and experienced divers new eyes with which to view a seldom-seen part of our world. Whether hunting with a camera or a speargun, this s a must-read for those who seek the ultimate in self reliance and personal challenge."

Western Outdoor News: Pat McDonell

"Maas, four-time national spearfishing champion and holder of world records for a 398-pound bluefin tuna shot at Baja’s Guadalupe Island, and a 255-pound yellowfin tuna taken at San Benedicto Island, recounts his experiences with sharks, manta rays and billfish, as well as the advice and exploits of other top freedivers in pursuit of yellowtail, white seabass, wahoo and, get this, blue marlin to 760 pounds—the biggest bluewater game ever taken by a freediver! Talk about huevos."

Photographers and Photojournalists:

Howard Hall

"It’s a wonderful and unusual book. The graphic on page 94 (showing relative take of fish by spearfishers) says it all when it comes to the ethics and nobility of spearfishing."

James D. Watt

"You put together a fantastic book that I know will be the classic work on bluewater diving."

Charlie Davis

"As a writer and photographer, I am awed by you book. I have some idea of what it took for you to accomplish this project with its superb photos and illustrations, and the tales and lore of your written words is of great value to me."

Readers: from Leucadia, California, 06/30/98

"Best book of its kind. I've only moved "off the shelf" and into the blue this year, having used a sling since childhood. Had I read this book earlier I would have had many more years' experience by now. It covers a range of topics and is well illustrated. A good practical guide to the sport spiced with enough of the sort of chilling (sharks, line tangles, blackout) and inspiring (marlin hunters, jewfish hunted by sound alone, bluefin rocketing by at 50 mph) story-talk to captivate even my nondiving friends. I've read many of these stories out loud to hushed circles of friends. The comments on safety are reasonable and reflect a good respect for those who've lived a life in the water. A good job all round; I look forward to Terry's next." from New Zealand, 04/28/98

"A well presented and fact full book with some great photos. I enjoyed the content of this book as it is a topic I'm familiar with (why else read a book like this?). This book has some wonderful photos and very good factual, helpful, text. It has very good mixture of stories and technical information on freediving and could be easily used as a handbook for someone starting the sport." from New Zealand, 03/10/98

"A must for Free Divers and Spear Fisherfolk. Terry presents his considerable expertise in an understandable and highly readable format. Great illustrations, advise from equipment to great fishing spots to diving medicine. My Dive Buddy and I have both read the book and put much of what we learnt into practice - surely the mark of a great book!"

Copyright 1997 Terry Maas, BlueWater Freedivers